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AmazonFail Dot Org

I’ve registered (Nothing there yet.)

Amazon’s deranking of LGBT books (along sexuality/disability books) might be the first current event to hit the mainstream media, to earn its “news-worthiness,”  primarily due to Twitter. If there’s an earlier example, please tell me in the comments! This, I believe, is a watershed moment that will be of scholarly significance to any number of fields (communications, digital humanities, new media, social media, PR, IT, LGBT/D activism) and there should be some way to make sure stuff doesn’t fall down the memory hole.

I’m not involved in these fields, nor do I have expertise in digital preservation–nevertheless, I wanted to register the domain name, since I believe there should be some resource that will archive all the tweets and blogs.  Currently, is up for sale at EBay, and the winner will be able to do whatever they want with it. I like the idea of an anti-Amazon spoof site (like, but I really do think that a scholarly resource would be useful, and potentially fun. People should be able to research how this thing blew up on Twitter, and carefully look at what was said when on what blogs and in other forms of media.  So instead of selling it to the highest bidder, I’d like to have some person or institution with expertise in web design and/or digital preservation to take on the implementation of this project.

I’m a grad student with limited time and money. I’ve been, at various points of my life, L, G, B, T, and Q. I’m personally offended by the way Amazon has handled this, and don’t want to let them get off the hook, so I’d like to make sure that neither the mainstream media nor scholars dismiss this as some “glitch” and move on. #glitchmyass!

Suggestions very much welcome in the comments!


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